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    • A bitter pill for closure 

      Backes, Marvin (2017-11-18) - Journal article
      The primary objective of this paper is to introduce a new epistemic paradox that puts pressure on the claim that justification is closed under multi premise deduction. The first part of the paper will consider two well-known ...
    • Normalcy, justification, and the easy-defeat problem 

      Backes, Marvin (2018-08-20) - Journal article
      Recent years have seen the rise of a new family of non-probabilistic accounts of epistemic justification. According to these views—we may call them Normalcy Views—a belief in P is justified only if, given the evidence, ...
    • What justifies belief? : probability, normalcy, and the functional theory 

      Backes, Marvin (University of St Andrews, 2019-06-24) - Thesis
      ‘What justifies belief?’ This question is arguably one of the most important questions in contemporary epistemology. The first part of this study looks at two very different answers to the above question, but ultimately ...