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    • Free-space quantum signatures using heterodyne measurements 

      Croal, Callum; Peuntinger, Christian; Heim, Bettina; Khan, Imran; Marquardt, Christoph; Leuchs, Gerd; Wallden, Petros; Andersson, Erika; Korolkova, Natalia (2016-09-02) - Journal article
      Digital signatures guarantee the authorship of electronic communications. Currently used "classical" signature schemes rely on unproven computational assumptions for security, while quantum signatures rely only on the laws ...
    • Investigating the generality of time-local master equations 

      Maldonado-Mundo, Daniel; Oehberg, Patrik; Lovett, Brendon W.; Andersson, Erika (2012-10-08) - Journal article
      Time-local master equations are more generally applicable than is often recognized, but at first sight, it would seem that they can only safely be used in time intervals where the time evolution is invertible. Using the ...