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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
29-Apr-2014Hebbian Learning is about contingency, not contiguity, and explains the emergence of predictive mirror neuronsKeysers, C.; Perrett, D.I.; Gazzola, V.Journal item
6-Dec-2014High genetic structure of the Cozumel Harvest mice, a critically endangered island endemic : conservation implicationsEspindola, Sayra; Cuarón, A.D.; Gaggiotti, O.E.; Vázquez-Domínguez, EllaJournal article
2015How well do you know your krai? The kraevedenie revival and patriotic politics in late Khrushchev-era RussiaDonovan, Victoria SophieJournal article
Dec-2014Inconsistent boundariesWeber, Z.; Cotnoir, A.J.Journal article
13-May-2013Indeterminacy and instability in Petschek reconnectionForbes, T.G.; Priest, E.R.; Seaton, D.B.; Litvinenko, Y.E.Journal article
8-Jan-2014Interactions between exoplanets and the winds of young starsVidotto, A.A.; Opher, M.; Jatenco-Pereira, V.; Gombosi, T.I.Journal article
Jul-2014Intergenerational transmission of neighbourhood poverty : an analysis of neighbourhood histories of individualsVan Ham, M.; Hedman, L.; Manley, D.; Coulter, R.; Östh, J.Journal article
Apr-2013An Investigation of crystal structure, surface area and surface chemistry of strontium niobate and their influence on photocatalytic performanceEfstathiou, Paraskevi; Xu, Xiaoxiang; Menard, Herve; Irvine, John Thomas SirrJournal article
20-Mar-2014Ionization in atmospheres of brown dwarfs and extrasolar planets VI : properties of large-scale discharge eventsBailey, R.L.; Helling, Christiane; Hodosán, G.; Bilger, C.; Stark, C.R.Journal article
10-Oct-2013Ionization in atmospheres of brown dwarfs and extrasolar planets. V. Alfvén ionizationStark, C.R.; Helling, C.; Diver, D.A.; Rimmer, P.B.Journal article
1-Apr-2015The JCMT gould belt survey : evidence for radiative heating in serpens MWC 297 and its influence on local star formationRumble, D.; Hatchell, J.; Gutermuth, R.A.; Kirk, H.; Buckle, J.; Beaulieu, S.F.; Berry, D.S.; Broekhoven-Fiene, H.; Currie, M.J.; Fich, M.; Jenness, T.; Johnstone, D.; Mottram, J.C.; Nutter, D.; Pattle, K.; Pineda, J.E.; Quinn, C.; Salji, C.; Tisi, S.; Walker-Smith, S.; Di Francesco, J.; Hogerheijde, M.R.; Ward-Thompson, D.; Allen, L.E.; Cieza, L.A.; Dunham, M.M.; Harvey, P.M.; Stapelfeldt, K.R.; Bastien, P.; Butner, H.; Chen, M.; Chrysostomou, A.; Coude, S.; Davis, C.J.; Drabek-Maunder, E.; Duarte-Cabral, A.; Fiege, J.; Friberg, P.; Friesen, R.; Fuller, G.A.; Graves, S.; Greaves, J.; Gregson, J.; Holland, W.; Joncas, G.; Kirk, J.M.; Knee, L.B.G.; Mairs, S.; Marsh, K.; Matthews, B.C.; Moriarty-Schieven, G.; Rawlings, J.; Richer, J.; Robertson, D.; Rosolowsky, E.; Sadavoy, S.; Thomas, H.; Tothill, N.; Viti, S.; White, G.J.; Wilson, C.D.; Wouterloot, J.; Yates, J.; Zhu, M.Journal article
Nov-2013LED pumped polymer laser sensor for explosivesWang, Y.; Morawska, P.O.; Kanibolotsky, A.L.; Skabara, P.J.; Turnbull, G.A.; Samuel, I.D.W.Journal article
2013A longitudinal study of migration propensities for mixed-ethnic unions in England and WalesFeng, Z.; van Ham, M.; Boyle, P.; Raab, G.M.Journal article
8-Jan-2014The magnetosphere of the close accreting PMS binary V4046 SgrGregory, S.G.; Holzwarth, V.R.; Donati, J.-F.; Hussain, G.A.J.; Montmerle, T.; Alecian, E.; Alencar, S.H.P.; Argiroffi, C.; Audard, M.; Bouvier, J.; Damiani, F.; Güdel, M.; Huenemoerder, D.P.; Kastner, J.H.; Maggio, A.; Sacco, G.G.; Wade, G.A.Journal article
1-Oct-2013Metabolic rate and body size are linked with perception of temporal informationHealy, K.; McNally, L.; Ruxton, G.D.; Cooper, N.; Jackson, A.L.Journal article
19-Jun-2015Monolayer to MTS : using SEM, HIM, TEM and SERS to compare morphology, nanosensor uptake and redox potential in MCF7 cellsJamieson, L.E.; Bell, A.P.; Harrison, D.J.; Campbell, C.J.Conference item
26-May-2015Neighbourhood selection of non-Western ethnic minorities : testing the own-group effects hypothesis using a conditional logit modelBoschman, S.; Van Ham, MaartenJournal article
Jan-2014Nitrosopersulfide (SSNO) accounts for sustained NO bioactivity of S-nitrosothiols following reaction with sulfideCortese-Krott, M.M.; Fernandez, B.O.; Santos, J.L.T.; Mergia, E.; Grman, M.; Nagy, P.; Kelm, M.; Butler, A.; Feelisch, M.Journal article
27-May-2014Paper vs. tablets : The effect of document media in co-located collaborative workHaber, J.; Nacenta, M.A.; Carpendale, S.Conference item
27-Dec-2013Pressure study of nematicity and quantum criticality in Sr3Ru2O7 for an in-plane fieldSun, D.; Wu, W.; Grigera, S.A.; Perry, R.S.; Mackenzie, A.P.; Julian, S.R.Journal article
Showing results 20 to 39 of 49
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