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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
10-Dec-2015Taking a molecular motor for a spin : helicase mechanism studied by spin labelling and PELDORConstantinescu Aruxandei, Diana; Petrovic-Stojanovska, Biljana; Schiemann, Olav; Naismith, Jim; White, Malcolm FJournal article
7-May-2009Targeting mitotic chromosomes : a conserved mechanism to ensure viral genome persistenceFeeney, Katherine Martha; Parish, Joanna LouiseJournal article
23-May-2014Targeting of the MYCN protein with small molecule c-MYC inhibitorsMuller, Inga; Larsson, Karin; Frenzel, Anna; Oliynyk, Ganna; Zirath, Hanna; Prochownik, Edward V.; Westwood, Nicholas J.; Henriksson, Marie ArsenianJournal article
Jul-2008TarO : a target optimisation system for structural biologyOverton, I M; van Niekerk, C A; Carter, L G; Dawson, A; Martin, D M; Cameron, S; McMahon, S A; White, Malcolm F; Hunter, W N; Naismith, Jim; Barton, G JJournal article
25-Apr-2008Themed series in organo-fluorine chemistryO'Hagan, DavidJournal item
5-Nov-2009Three step synthesis of single diastereoisomers of the vicinal trifluoro motifBrunet, Vincent A.; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; O'Hagan, DavidJournal article
15-Feb-2014Time-resolved quantitative proteomics implicates the core snRNP protein SmB together with SMN in neural trafficking.Prescott, Alan R.; Bales, Alecandra; James, John; Trinkle-Mulcahy, Laura; Sleeman, Judith ElizabethJournal article
Apr-2014Tools for detection of Mycoplasma amphoriforme : a primary respiratory pathogen?Ling, Clare L.; Oravcova, Katarina; Beattie, Thomas Ferris; Creer, Dean D.; Dilworth, Paul; Fulton, Naomi L.; Hardie, Alison; Munro, Michelle; Pond, Marcus; Templeton, Kate; Webster, David; Workman, Sarita; McHugh, Timothy D.; Gillespie, Stephen HenryJournal article
6-Feb-2015Total synthesis and biological evaluation of the tetramic acid based natural product harzianic acid and its stereoisomersHealy, A.R.; Vinale, F.; Lorito, M.; Westwood, Nicholas JamesJournal article
1-Mar-2014Transcriptionally correlated subcellular dynamics of MBNL1 during lens development and their implication for the molecular pathology of myotonic dystrophy type 1Coleman, Stewart; Prescott, Alan R.; Sleeman, Judith ElizabethJournal article
28-Mar-2011A transient homotypic interaction model for the influenza A virus NS1 protein effector domainKerry, Philip S.; Ayllon, Juan; Taylor, Margaret A.; Hass, Claudia; Lewis, Andrew; Garcia-Sastre, Adolfo; Randall, Richard E.; Hale, Benjamin G.; Russell, Rupert J.Journal article
8-May-2013The transient nature of bunyamwera orthobunyavirus NSs protein expression : effects of increased stability of NSs protein on virus replicationvan Knippenberg, Ingeborg; Fragkoudis, Rennos; Elliott, Richard M.Journal article
28-Jan-2015TrypanoCyc : a community-led biochemical pathways database for Trypanosoma bruceiShameer, Sanu; Logan-Klumpler, Flora J; Vinson, Florence; Cottret, Ludovic; Merlet, Benjamin; Achcar, Fiona; Boshart, Michael; Berriman, Matthew; Breitling, Rainer; Bringaud, Frédéric; Bütikofer, Peter; Cattanach, Amy M; Bannerman-Chukualim, Bridget; Creek, Darren J; Crouch, Kathryn; de Koning, Harry P; Denise, Hubert; Ebikeme, Charles; Fairlamb, Alan H; Ferguson, Michael A J; Ginger, Michael L; Hertz-Fowler, Christiane; Kerkhoven, Eduard J; Mäser, Pascal; Michels, Paul A M; Nayak, Archana; Nes, David W; Nolan, Derek P; Olsen, Christian; Silva-Franco, Fatima; Smith, Terry K; Taylor, Martin C; Tielens, Aloysius G M; Urbaniak, Michael D; van Hellemond, Jaap J; Vincent, Isabel M; Wilkinson, Shane R; Wyllie, Susan; Opperdoes, Fred R; Barrett, Michael P; Jourdan, FabienJournal article
11-Sep-2015A two-step fluorinase enzyme mediated 18F labelling of an RGD peptide for positron emission tomographyThompson, Stephen; Ónega, Mayca; Ashworth, Sharon; Fleming, Ian N.; Passchier, Jan; O'Hagan, DavidJournal article
May-2014An unbiased genetic screen reveals the polygenic nature of the influenza virus anti-interferon responsePérez-Cidoncha, Maite; Killip, Marian J.; Oliveros, Juan C.; Asensio, Víctor J.; Fernández, Yolanda; Bengoechea, José A.; Randall, Richard E.; Ortín, JuanJournal article
24-Feb-2014Uniting cheminformatics and chemical theory to predict the intrinsic aqueous solubility of crystalline druglike moleculesMcDonagh, James; Nath, Neetika; De Ferrari, Luna; van Mourik, Tanja; Mitchell, John B. O.Journal article
8-May-2015Unraveling the specific regulation of the mdb central pathway for the anaerobic degradation of 3-methylbenzoateJuárez, Javier F; Liu, Huixiang; Zamarro, Maria T; McMahon, Stephen; Liu, Huanting; Naismith, Jim; Eberlein, Christian; Boll, Matthias; Carmona, Manuel; Diaz, EduardoJournal article
Apr-2014Untargeted metabolomic analysis of miltefosine action in Leishmania infantum reveals changes to the internal lipid metabolismVincent, I.M.; Weidt, S.; Rivas, L.; Burgess, K.; Smith, T.K.; Ouellette, M.Journal article
20-May-2015The use of Wavelength Modulated Raman Spectroscopy in label-free identification of T lymphocyte subsets, Natural Killer cells and Dendritic cellsChen, Mingzhou; McReynolds, Naomi; Campbell, Elaine Catherine; Mazilu, Michael; Barbosa, Joao; Dholakia, Kishan; Powis, Simon JohnJournal article
12-Jun-2015Verifying the fully “Laplacianised” posterior Naïve Bayesian approach and moreMussa, Hamse Yussuf; Marcus, David; Mitchell, John B. O.; Glen, RobertJournal article
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