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  • 1,2,5-Selenadiazolo[3,4-b]pyrazines : synthesis from 3,4-Diamino-1,2,5-selenadiazole and Generation of Persistent Radical Anions 

    Konstantinova, Lidia S.; Bobkova, Irina E.; Nelyubina, Yulia V.; Chulanova, Elena A.; Irtegova, Irina G.; Vasilieva, Nadezhda V.; Sanz Camacho, Paula; Ashbrook, Sharon Elizabeth Marie; Hua, Guoxiong; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Woollins, J Derek; Zibarev, Andrey V.; Rakitin, Oleg A. (2015-09) - Journal article
    Synthesis of 3,4-disubstituted and fused 1,2,5-selenadiazolo[3,4-b]pyrazines via previously unknown 3,4-diamino-1,2,5-selenadiazole has been achieved in moderate to high yields. The compounds synthesized were characterized ...
  • Acenaphtho[5,6-cd]-1,2-dichalcogenoles and their platinum complexes 

    Diamond, Louise; Knight, Fergus Ross; Cordes, David Bradford; Ward, Andrew Christopher Clifford; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Woollins, J Derek (2015-01-08) - Journal article
    A related series of bis(phosphine) platinum complexes 1–5 and 6–8 bearing dichalcogenate acenaphthylene ligands have been synthesised. The chalcogen–chalcogen bonds in the parent acenaphtho[5,6-cd]-1,2-dichalcogenoles ...
  • The activation of Woollins' reagent. Isolation of pyridine stabilised PhPSe2 

    Ascherl, Laura; Nordheider, Andreas; Athukorala Arachchige, Kasun Sankalpa; Cordes, David Bradford; Karaghiosoff, Konstantin; Buehl, Michael; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Woollins, J Derek (2014-06-14) - Journal article
    Woollins' reagent (WR, (PhPSe2)2) plays an essential role in the selenation of organic compounds. Reaction of WR with pyridine gives the P(V) species PhPSe2 stabilised by pyridine coordination which is the first ...
  • Adult protection in Scotland in 1857 and in 2015 : what have we learned? 

    Campbell, Martin (2016-04-01) - Journal article
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to compare recent developments in adult protection legislation, policy and practice in Scotland in 2015 with the first attempts at adult protection of adults at risk of harm, in 1857-62, ...
  • Application of four-membered ring chalcogenation reagents to the synthesis of new phosphorus-chalcogen heterocycles 

    Hua, Guoxiong; Cordes, David Bradford; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Woollins, J Derek (2016-08-29) - Journal article
    The reaction of four-membered ring chalcogenation reagents such as Lawesson’s reagent, 2,4-diferrocenyl-1,3,2,4-diathiadiphosphetane 2,4-disulfide (the ferrocene analogy of Lawesson’s reagent) and Woollins’ reagent with ...
  • Blood flow suppresses vascular Notch signalling via dll4 and is required for angiogenesis in response to hypoxic signalling 

    Watson, Oliver; Novodvorsky, Peter; Gray, Caroline; Rothman, Alexander M. K.; Lawrie, Allan; Crossman, David C.; Haase, Andrea; McMahon, Kathryn; Gering, Martin; Van Eeden, Fredericus J. M.; Chico, Timothy J. A. (2013-11-01) - Journal article
    The contribution of blood flow to angiogenesis is incompletely understood. We examined the effect of blood flow on Notch signalling in the vasculature of zebrafish embryos, and whether blood flow regulates angiogenesis in ...
  • The Canakinumab Antiinflammatory Thrombosis Outcome Study trial-the starting gun has fired 

    Crossman, David; Rothman, Alexander (2017-12) - Journal item
  • Cardiometabolic effects of genetic upregulation of the interleukin 1 receptor antagonist : a Mendelian randomisation analysis 

    Freitag, D.; Butterworth, A.S.; Willeit, P.; Howson, J.M.M.; Burgess, S.; Kaptoge, S.; Young, R.; Ho, W.K.; Wood, A.M.; Sweeting, M.; Spackman, S.; Staley, J.R.; Ramond, A.; Harshfield, E.; Nielsen, S.F.; Grande, P.; Lange, L.A.; Bown, M.J.; Jones, G.T.; Scott, R.A.; Bevan, S.; Porcu, E.; Thorleifsson, G.; Zeng, L.; Kessler, T.; Nikpay, M.; Do, R.; Zhang, W.; Hopewell, J.C.; Kleber, M.; Delgado, G.E.; Nelson, C.P.; Goel, A.; Bis, J.C.; Dehghan, A.; Ligthart, S.; Smith, A.V.; Qu, L.; van 't Hof, F.N.G.; de Bakker, P.I.W.; Baas, A.F.; van Rij, A.; Tromp, G.; Kuivaniemi, H.; Ritchie, M.D.; Verma, S.S.; Crawford, D.C.; Malinowski, J.; de Andrade, M.; Kullo, I.J.; Peissig, P.L.; McCarty, C.A.; Böttinger, E.P.; Gottesman, O.; Crosslin, D.R.; Carrell, D.S.; Rasmussen-Torvik, L.J.; Pacheco, J.A.; Huang, J.; Timpson, N.J.; Kettunen, J.; Ala-Korpela, M.; Mitchell, G.F.; Parsa, A.; Wilkinson, I.B.; Gorski, M.; Li, Y.; Franceschini, N.; Keller, M.F.; Ganesh, S.K.; Langefeld, C.D.; Bruijn, L.; Brown, M.A.; Evans, D.M.; Baltic, S.; Ferreira, M.A.; Baurecht, H.; Weidinger, S.; Franke, A.; Lubitz, S.A.; Müller-Nurasyid, M.; Felix, J.F.; Smith, N.L.; Sudman, M.; Thompson, S.D.; Zeggini, E.; Panoutsopoulou, K.; Nalls, M.A.; Singleton, A.; Polychronakos, C.; Bradfield, J.P.; Hakonarson, H.; Easton, D.F.; Thompson, D.; Tomlinson, I.P.; Dunlop, M.; Hemminki, K.; Morgan, G.; Eisen, T.; Goldschmidt, H.; Allan, J.M.; Henrion, M.; Whiffin, N.; Wang, Y.; Chubb, D.; Iles, M.M.; Bishop, D.T.; Law, M.H.; Hayward, N.K.; Luo, Y.; Nejentsev, S.; Barbalic, M.; Crossman, D.; Sanna, S.; Soranzo, N.; Markus, H.S.; Wareham, N.J.; Rader, D.J.; Reilly, M.; Assimes, T.; Harris, T.B.; Hofman, A.; Franco, O.H.; Gudnason, V.; Tracy, R.; Psaty, B.M.; Farrall, M.; Watkins, H.; Hall, A.S.; Samani, N.J.; März, W.; Clarke, R.; Collins, R.; Kooner, J.S.; Chambers, J.C.; Kathiresan, S.; McPherson, R.; Erdmann, J.; Kastrati, A.; Schunkert, H.; Stefánsson, K.; Thorsteinsdottir, U.; Walston, J.D.; Tybjærg-Hansen, A.; Alam, D.S.; Al Shafi Majumder, A.; Angelantonio, E.D.; Chowdhury, R.; Nordestgaard, B.G.; Saleheen, D.; Thompson, S.G.; Danesh, J.; Houlston, R.S. (2015-04-01) - Journal article
    To investigate potential cardiovascular and other effects of long-term pharmacological interleukin 1 (IL-1) inhibition, we studied genetic variants that produce inhibition of IL-1, a master regulator of inflammation. ...
  • The Christianization of the Peloponnese : the case for strategic change 

    Sweetman, Rebecca Jane (2015) - Journal article
    The issue of the persistence of paganism is now quite well considered; however, it is only in recent times that the same concern, approached from another perspective, the multifaceted nature of the Christianization of the ...
  • Complexation of aromatic dichalcogen ligands to germanium 

    Meigh, Christina B. E.; Nejman, Phillip S.; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Woollins, J. Derek (2017-02-24) - Journal article
    Eight novel germanium compounds of the type [R2Ge(E-Ar-E)], where R = Me, Ph; E-Ar-E = an aromatic bidentate chalcogen ligand, were successfully synthesised. The effects of changing 3 variables within the series were ...
  • Conformational dependence of through-space tellurium-tellurium spin-spin coupling in peri-substituted bis(tellurides) 

    Knight, Fergus Ross; Diamond, Louise; Athukorala Arachchige, Kasun Sankalpa; Sanz Camacho, Paula; Randall, Rebecca Amy Michele; Ashbrook, Sharon Elizabeth Marie; Buehl, Michael; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Woollins, J Derek (2015-02-23) - Journal article
    Three related series of peri-substituted bis(tellurides) bearing naphthalene, acenaphthene and acenaphthylene backbones [Nap/Acenap/Aceyl(TeY)2 (Nap = naphthalene-1,8-diyl N; Acenap = acenaphthene-5,6-diyl A; Aceyl = ...
  • Continental growth and the crustal record 

    Hawkesworth, Chris; Cawood, Peter; Dhuime, Bruno (2013-12-08) - Journal item
    The continental crust is the archive of Earth history. The spatial and temporal distribution of the Earth's record of rock units and events is heterogeneous with distinctive peaks and troughs in the distribution of ages ...
  • The continental record and the generation of continental crust 

    Cawood, Peter Anthony; Hawkesworth, Chris; Dhuime, Bruno Philippe Marcel (2013-01) - Journal article
    Continental crust is the archive of Earth history. The spatial and temporal distribution of Earth's record of rock units and events is heterogeneous; for example, ages of igneous crystallization, metamorphism, continental ...
  • Detrital zircon record and tectonic setting 

    Cawood, Peter Anthony; Hawkesworth, Chris; Dhuime, Bruno Philippe Marcel (2012-10) - Journal article
    Detrital zircon spectra reflect the tectonic setting of the basin in which they are deposited. Convergent plate margins are characterized by a large proportion of zircon ages close to the depositional age of the sediment, ...
  • Diphosphane 2,2′-binaphtho[1,8-de][1,3,2]dithiaphosphinine and the easy formation of a stable phosphorus radical cation 

    Kirst, Christin; Bode, Bela Ernest; Cordes, David Bradford; Nejman, Phillip; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Karaghiosoff, Konstantin; Woollins, J Derek (2016-04-21) - Journal article
    A convenient synthesis route to 2,2’-binaphtho[1,8-de][1,3,2]di-thiaphosphinine (3) was found. Its stable radical cation 3•+ was accessed easily through one-electron oxidation with NOBF4.
  • Direct synthesis of fused 1,2,5-selenadiazoles from 1,2,5-thiadiazoles 

    Konstantinova, Lidia S.; Knyazeva, Ekaterina A.; Nefyodov, Andrey A.; Sanz Camacho, Paula; Ashbrook, Sharon Elizabeth Marie; Woollins, J Derek; Zibarev, Andrey V.; Rakitin, Oleg A. (2015-02) - Journal article
    A short and convenient synthesis of fused 1,2,5-selenadiazoles from corresponding 1,2,5-thiadiazoles and selenium dioxide has been developed.
  • Discovery of intramolecular trans-sialidases in human gut microbiota suggests novel mechanisms of mucosal adaptation 

    Tailford, Louise E.; Owen, C. David; Walshaw, John; Crost, Emmanuelle H.; Hardy-Goddard, Jemma; Le Gall, Gwenaelle; de Vos, Willem M.; Taylor, Garry L.; Juge, Nathalie (2015-07) - Journal article
    The gastrointestinal mucus layer is colonized by a dense community of microbes catabolizing dietary and host carbohydrates during their expansion in the gut. Alterations in mucosal carbohydrate availability impact on the ...
  • Dye-sensitized solar cells : investigation of D-A-π-A organic sensitizers based on [1,2,5]selenadiazolo[3,4-c]pyridine 

    Knyazeva, Ekaterina A.; Wu, Wenjun; Chmovzh, Timofey N.; Robertson, Neil; Woollins, J. Derek; Rakitin, Oleg A. (2017-03-01) - Journal article
    We report two series of D-A-π-A metal-free organic sensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) based on triphenylamine and N-hexyl-carbazole as electronic donors, respectively. Through varying auxiliary acceptors ...
  • Earth's middle age 

    Cawood, Peter Anthony; Hawkesworth, Chris (2014) - Journal article
    Earth's middle age, extending from 1.7 to 0.75 Ga, was characterized by environmental, evolutionary, and lithospheric stability that contrasts with the dramatic changes in preceding and succeeding eras. The period is marked ...
  • The effect of interleukin-1 receptor antagonist therapy on markers of inflammation in non-ST elevation acute coronary syndromes : the MRC-ILA Heart Study 

    Morton, Allison C; Rothman, Alexander M K; Greenwood, John P; Gunn, Julian; Chase, Alex; Clarke, Bernard; Hall, Alistair S; Fox, Keith; Foley, Claire; Banya, Winston; Wang, Duolao; Flather, Marcus D; Crossman, David C (2015-02-07) - Journal article
    Aims: Acute coronary syndromes (ACSs) are driven by inflammation within coronary plaque. Interleukin-1 (IL-1) has an established role in atherogenesis and the vessel-response to injury. ACS patients have raised serum markers ...