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  • Molecular probes for the evaluation of three isomerase enzyme mechanisms in secondary metabolism 

    Nasomjai, Pitak (University of St Andrews, 2010) - Thesis
    This thesis is focused on an investigation of the mechanisms of three enzymatically mediated carbon skeleton isomerisation reactions. Chapter 1 provides an overview of some representative examples of the carbon skeleton ...
  • Novel electrocatalytic membrane for ammonia synthesis 

    Klinsrisuk, Sujitra (University of St Andrews, 2010) - Thesis
    Novel ceramic membrane cells of BaCe₀.₅Zr₀.₃Y₀.₁₆Zn₀.₀₄O[subscript(3-δ)] (BCZYZ), a proton-conducting oxide, have been developed for electrocatalytic ammonia synthesis. Unlike the industrial Haber-Bosch process, in this ...