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  • Abelian mereology 

    Cotnoir, Aaron (2015) - Journal article
    In classical extensional mereology, composition is idempotent: if x is part of y, then the sum of x and y is identical to y. In this paper, I provide a systematic and coherent formal mereology for which idempotence fails. ...
  • Academic eloquence and the end of Cicero's de finibus 

    Long, Alexander George (2015-03-01) - Journal article
    The paper considers why the structure of Cicero’s De Finibus implicitly favours the Academy, even though Cicero avoids a decision between the Stoic theory and Antiochus’ theory. Cicero’s educational aims require him to ...
  • Aristotle and Lukasiewicz on existential import 

    Read, Stephen (2015) - Journal article
    Jan Lukasiewicz's treatise on Aristotle's Syllogistic, published in the 1950s, has been very influential in framing contemporary understanding of Aristotle's logical systems. However, Lukasiewicz's interpretation is based ...
  • Beyond atomism 

    Cotnoir, Aaron (2013-03) - Journal article
    Contemporary metaphysicians have been drawn to a certain attractive picture of the structure of the world. This picture consists in classical mereology, the priority of parts over wholes, and the well-foundedness of ...
  • Concepts and meaning in medieval philosophy 

    Read, Stephen (Fordham University Press, 2014-12) - Book item
    In his recent study, Concepts, Fodor identifies five nonnegotiable constraints on any theory of concepts. These theses were all shared by the standard medieval theories of concepts. However, those theories were cognitivist, ...
  • Critical notice on Istvan Hont, Politics in Commercial Society 

    Harris, James Anthony (2016-06) - Journal item
  • Critical Notice: Consciousness and the prospects of physicalism, by Derk Pereboom 

    Ball, Derek Nelson (2014) - Journal item
    I question Pereboom's idea that introspection might be radically mistaken, and his constitution-based physicalist metaphysics.
  • Deontic Reasoning Across Contexts 

    Snedegar, Justin (Springer, 2014) - Book item
    Contrastivism about `ought' holds that `ought' claims are relativized, at least implicitly, to sets of mutually exclusive but not necessarily jointly exhaustive alternatives. This kind of theory can solve puzzles that face ...
  • Diálogo de la lengua. Juan de Valdés. A Diplomatic Edition. 

    Anipa, Kormi; University of St Andrews. Spanish (MHRA, 2014-12-16) - Scholarly text
  • Direct moral grounding and the legal model of moral normativity 

    Sachs, Benjamin Alan (2015-04) - Journal article
    Whereas most moral philosophers believe that the facts as to what we’re morally required to do are grounded by the facts about our moral reasons, which in turn are grounded by non-normative facts, I propose that moral ...
  • Disagreements, philosophical and otherwise 

    Weatherson, Brian James (Oxford University Press, 2013-06-10) - Book item
  • Does universalism entail extensionalism? 

    Cotnoir, Aaron (2016-03) - Journal article
    Does a commitment to mereological universalism automatically bring along a commitment to the controversial doctrine of mereological extensionalism — the view that objects with the same proper parts are identical? A recent ...
  • For Bayesians, rational modesty requires imprecision 

    Weatherson, Brian James (2015) - Journal article
    Gordon Belot (2013) has recently developed a novel argument against Bayesianism. He shows that there is an interesting class of problems that, intuitively, no rational belief forming method is likely to get right. But a ...
  • The freedom of the press in James Mill's political thought 

    Grint, Kris (2016-03-28) - Journal article
    This article examines the Scottish philosopher and historian James Mill’s views on the freedom of the press, predominantly as they are expounded in his unpublished commonplace books, and argues that not only were these ...
  • Games, beliefs and credences 

    Weatherson, Brian James (2016-03) - Journal article
  • Harmonic inferentialism and the logic of identity 

    Read, Stephen (2016-02-09) - Journal article
    Inferentialism claims that the rules for the use of an expression express its meaning without any need to invoke meanings or denotations for them. Logical inferentialism endorses inferentialism specically for the logical ...
  • Heidegger's Black Notebooks : caught in the trap of his own ideas 

    Wolfe, Judith (2014-06-01) - Journal article
  • Indexicality, transparency, and mental files 

    Ball, Derek Nelson (2014) - Journal article
    Francois Recanati’s Mental Files (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012) presents a picture of the mind on which mental representations are indexical and transparent. I dispute this picture: there is no clear case for ...
  • Intellectual history 

    Bavaj, Riccardo Beniamino Francesco Luca (2010) - Text