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  • Activation of a synapse weakening pathway by human Val66 but not Met66 pro-brain-derived neurotrophic factor (proBDNF) 

    Kailainathan, Sumangali; Piers, Thomas M.; Yi, Jee Hyun; Choi, Seongmin; Fahey, Mark S.; Borger, Eva; Gunn-Moore, Francis James; O'Neill, Laurie; Lever, Michael; Whitcomb, Daniel J.; Cho, Kwangwook; Allen, Shelley J. (2016-02) - Journal article
    This study describes a fundamental functional difference between the two main polymorphisms of the pro-form of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (proBDNF), providing an explanation as to why these forms have such different ...
  • A dose ranging trial to optimize the dose of Rifampin in the treatment of tuberculosis 

    Boeree, Martin J; Diacon, Andreas H; Dawson, Rodney; Narunsky, Kim; du Bois, Jeannine; Venter, Amour; Phillips, Patrick P J; Gillespie, Stephen H; Mc Hugh, Timothy D; Hoelscher, Michael; Heinrich, Norbert; Rehal, Sunita; van Soolingen, Dick; van Ingen, Jakko; Magis-Escurra, Cecile; Burger, David; Plemper van Balen, Georgette; Aarnoutse, Rob E (2015-05-01) - Journal article
    Rationale: Rifampin at a dose of 10 mg/kg was introduced in 1971 based on pharmacokinetic, toxicity and cost considerations. Available data in mice and humans showed that an increase in dose may shorten the duration of ...
  • Drug-disease and drug-drug interactions : systematic examination of recommendations in 12 UK national clinical guidelines 

    Dumbreck, Siobhan; Flynn, Angela; Nairn, Moray; Wilson, Martin; Treweek, Shaun; Mercer, Stewart W; Alderson, Phil; Thompson, Alex; Payne, Katherine; Guthrie, Bruce (2015-03-11) - Journal article
    Objective: To identify the number of drug-disease and drug-drug interactions for exemplar index conditions within National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) clinical guidelines. Design: Systematic identification, ...
  • The effect of interstitial pressure on therapeutic agent transport : coupling with the tumor blood and lymphatic vascular systems 

    Wu, Min; Frieboes, Hermann B.; Chaplain, Mark A. J.; McDougall, Steven R.; Cristini, Vittorio; Lowengrub, John S. (2014-08-21) - Journal article
    Vascularized tumor growth is characterized by both abnormal interstitial fluid flow and the associated interstitial fluid pressure (IFP). Here, we study the effect that these conditions have on the transport of therapeutic ...
  • Innovative solutions to novel drug development in mental health 

    Insel, T R; Voon, V; Nye, J S; Brown, Verity Joy; Altevogt, B M; Bullmore, E T; Goodwin, G M; Howard, R J; Kupfer, D J; Malloch, G; Marston, H M; Nutt, D J; Robbins, T W; Stahl, S M; Tricklebank, M D; Williams, J H; Sahakian, B J (2013-12) - Journal article
    There are many new advances in neuroscience and mental health which should lead to a greater understanding of the neurobiological dysfunction in neuropsychiatric disorders and new developments for early, effective treatments. ...
  • Killing me softly : myth in pharmaceutical advertising 

    Scott, James Timothy; Stanford, N; Thompson, DR (2004-12-18) - Journal article
  • Lipid metabolism as a therapeutic target 

    Smith, Terry K; Reynolds, Todd B; Denny, Paul W (2012) - Journal item
  • Model-based global sensitivity analysis as applied to identification of anti-cancer drug targets and biomarkers of drug resistance in the ErbB2/3 network 

    Lebedeva, Galina; Sorokin, Anatoly; Faratian, Dana; Mullen, Peter; Goltsov, Alexey; Langdon, Simon P; Harrison, David J; Goryanin, Igor (2012-07-16) - Journal article
    High levels of variability in cancer-related cellular signalling networks and a lack of parameter identifiability in large-scale network models hamper translation of the results of modelling studies into the process of ...
  • One For All? Hitting multiple Alzheimer’s Disease targets with one drug 

    Hughes, Rebecca E.; Nikolic, Katarina; Ramsay, Rona Ruth (2016-04-25) - Journal item
    Alzheimer’s Disease is a complex and multifactorial disease for which the mechanism is still not fully understood. As new insights into disease progression are discovered, new drugs must be designed to target those aspects ...
  • Predicting drug promiscuity using spherical harmonic surface shape-based similarity comparisons 

    Perez-Nueno, Violeta I.; Venkatraman, Vishwesh; Mavridis, Lazaros; Ritchie, David W. (2011) - Journal article
    Polypharmacology is becoming an increasingly important aspect in drug design. Pharmaceutical companies are discovering more and more cases in which multiple drugs bind to a given target (promiscuous targets) and in which ...
  • Response to Qian and Colvin : zinc-mediated regulation of the cardiac ryanodine receptor occurs via multiple binding sites 

    Woodier, Jason; Rainbow, Richard D; Stewart, Alan J; Pitt, Samantha J (2016-02-19) - Journal item
  • Stratified medicine for mental disorders 

    Schumann, G.; Binder, E.B.; Holte, A.; de Kloet, E.R.; Oedegaard, K.J.; Robbins, T.W.; Walker-Tilley, T.R.; Bitter, I.; Brown, V.J.; Buitelaar, J.; Ciccocioppo, R.; Cools, R.; Escera, C.; Fleischhacker, W.; Flor, H.; Frith, C.D.; Heinz, A.; Johnsen, E.; Kirschbaum, C.; Klingberg, T.; Lesch, K.-P.; Lewis, S.; Maier, W.; Mann, Karl; Martinot, J.-L.; Meyer-Lindenberg, A.; Müller, C.P.; Müller, W.E.; Nutt, D.J.; Persico, A.; Perugi, G.; Pessiglione, M.; Preuss, U.W.; Roiser, J.P.; Rossini, P.M.; Rybakowski, J.K.; Sandi, C.; Stephan, K.E.; Undurraga, J.; Vieta, E.; van der Wee, N.; Wykes, T.; Haro, J.M.; Wittchen, H.U. (2014-01-01) - Journal article
    There is recognition that biomedical research into the causes of mental disorders and their treatment needs to adopt new approaches to research. Novel biomedical techniques have advanced our understanding of how the brain ...
  • Untargeted metabolomic analysis of miltefosine action in Leishmania infantum reveals changes to the internal lipid metabolism 

    Vincent, I.M.; Weidt, S.; Rivas, L.; Burgess, K.; Smith, T.K.; Ouellette, M. (2014-04) - Journal article
    There are many theories as to the mode of action of miltefosine against Leishmania including alterations to the membrane lipid content, induction of apoptosis and modulation of macrophage responses. Here we perform untargeted ...