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  • International comparisons of public participation in culture and sport 

    Brook, Orian Rachel Esther (Department for Culture, Media and Sport, 2011-08) - Report
    This report discusses comparative research on public engagement in sport and culture. It summarises the various issues which have impeded the conduct of this research. It then uses recent Eurobarometer, Eurostat and other ...
  • Valuing the commons : an international study on the recreational benefits of the Baltic Sea 

    Czajkowski, M.; Ahtiainen, H.; Artell, J.; Budziński, W.; Hasler, B.; Hasselström, L.; Meyerhoff, J.; Nõmmann, T.; Semeniene, D.; Söderqvist, T.; Tuhkanen, H.; Lankia, T.; Vanags, A.; Zandersen, M.; Zylicz, T.; Hanley, Nicholas David (2015-06-01) - Journal article
    The Baltic Sea provides benefits to all of the nine nations along its coastline, with some 85 million people living within the catchment area. Achieving improvements in water quality requires international cooperation. The ...