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  • Analyticity, balance and non-admissibility of Cut in Stoic Logic 

    Bobzien, Susanne; Dyckhoff, Roy (2018-04-20) - Journal article
    This paper shows that, for the Hertz-Gentzen Systems of 1933 (without Thinning), extended by a classical rule T1 (from the Stoics) and using certain axioms (also from the Stoics), all derivations are analytic: every cut ...
  • Anti-symmetry and non-extensional mereology 

    Cotnoir, Aaron (2010-04) - Journal article
    I examine the link between extensionality principles of classical mereology and the anti-symmetry of parthood. Varzi’s most recent defence of extensionality depends crucially on assuming anti-symmetry. I examine the notions ...
  • Aristotle and Lukasiewicz on existential import 

    Read, Stephen (2015) - Journal article
    Jan Lukasiewicz's treatise on Aristotle's Syllogistic, published in the 1950s, has been very influential in framing contemporary understanding of Aristotle's logical systems. However, Lukasiewicz's interpretation is based ...
  • Commentary on Grigori Mints’ “Classical and Intuitionistic Geometric Logic” 

    Dyckhoff, Roy; Negri, Sara (2017-07-17) - Journal article
  • Cut-elimination, substitution and normalisation 

    Dyckhoff, Roy (Springer, 2015) - Book item
    We present a proof (of the main parts of which there is a formal version, checked with the Isabelle proof assistant) that, for a G3-style calculus covering all of intuitionistic zero-order logic, with an associated term ...
  • Does universalism entail extensionalism? 

    Cotnoir, Aaron (2016-03) - Journal article
    Does a commitment to mereological universalism automatically bring along a commitment to the controversial doctrine of mereological extensionalism — the view that objects with the same proper parts are identical? A recent ...
  • General-elimination stability 

    Jacinto, Bruno Miguel; Read, Stephen Louis (2017-04) - Journal article
    General-elimination harmony articulates Gentzen's idea that the elimination-rules are justified if they infer from an assertion no more than can already be inferred from the grounds for making it. Dummett described the ...
  • Generic truth and mixed conjunctions : some alternatives 

    Cotnoir, Aaron (2009-07) - Journal article
  • Hasteners and delayers : why rains don't cause fires 

    Touborg, Caroline Torpe (2017-05-26) - Journal article
    We typically judge that hasteners are causes of what they hasten, while delayers are not causes of what they delay. These judgements, I suggest, are sensitive to an underlying metaphysical distinction. To see this, we need ...
  • Inconsistent boundaries 

    Weber, Z.; Cotnoir, A.J. (2014-12) - Journal article
    Mereotopology is a theory of connected parts. The existence of boundaries, as parts of everyday objects, is basic to any such theory; but in classical mereotopology, there is a problem: if boundaries exist, then either ...
  • Intuitionistic decision procedures since Gentzen 

    Dyckhoff, Roy (Birkhäuser Basel, 2016-05-05) - Book item
    Gentzen solved the decision problem for intuitionistic propositional logic in his doctoral thesis [31]; this paper reviews some of the subsequent progress. Solutions to the problem are of importance both for general ...
  • Less cognitive conflict does not imply choice of the default option : Commentary on Kieslich and Hilbig (2014) 

    Myrseth, Kristian Ove; Wollbrant, Conny (2015-05) - Journal item
    Kieslich and Hilbig (2014) employ a mouse-tracking technique to measure decision conflict in social dilemmas. They report that defectors exhibit more conflict than do cooperators. They infer that cooperation thus is the ...
  • Miller, Bradwardine and the Truth 

    Read, Stephen (2011-06) - Journal article
    In his article "Verdades antiguas y modernas" (in the same issue, pp. 207-27), David Miller criticised Thomas Bradwardine’s theory of truth and signification and my defence of Bradwardine’s application of it to the semantic ...
  • Nagarjuna's logic 

    Cotnoir, Aaron (Oxford University Press, 2015-07-30) - Book item
  • A neglected resolution of Russell's paradox of propositions 

    Uzquiano, Gabriel (2015-06) - Journal article
    Bertrand Russell offered an influential paradox of propositions in Appendix B of "The Principles of Mathematics", but there is little agreement as to what to conclude from it. We suggest that Russell’s paradox is best ...
  • Non-wellfounded mereology 

    Cotnoir, Aaron; Bacon, Andrew (2012-06) - Journal article
    This paper is a systematic exploration of non-wellfounded mereology. Motivations and applications suggested in the literature are considered. Some are exotic like Borges’ Aleph, and the Trinity; other examples are less so, ...
  • On simultaneous local dimension functions of subsets of Rd 

    Olsen, Lars Ole Ronnow (2015-09-30) - Journal article
    For a subset E ⊑ Rd and x ∈ Rd, the local Hausdorff dimension function of E at x and the local packing dimension function of E at x are defined by (Formula presented.) where dimH and dimP denote the Hausdorff dimension and ...
  • POSIX lexing with derivatives of regular expressions (proof pearl) 

    Ausaf, Fahad; Dyckhoff, Roy; Urban, Christian (Springer, 2016) - Conference item
    Brzozowski introduced the notion of derivatives for regular expressions. They can be used for a very simple regular expression matching algorithm. Sulzmann and Lu cleverly extended this algorithm in order to deal with POSIX ...
  • Property identities and modal arguments 

    Ball, Derek Nelson (2011-11) - Journal article
    Many physicalists about the mind are committed to claims about property identities. Following Kripke's well-known discussion, modal arguments have emerged as major threats to such claims. This paper argues that modal ...
  • Recombination and paradox 

    Uzquiano, Gabriel (2015-08) - Journal article