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  • An M-dwarf star in the transition disk of Herbig HD142527; Physical parameters and orbital elements 

    Lacour, S.; Biller, B.; Cheetham, A.; Greenbaum, A.; Pearce, T.; Marino, S.; Tuthill, P.; Pueyo, L.; Mamajek, E. E.; Girard, J. H.; Sivaramakrishnan, A.; Bonnefoy, M.; Baraffe, I.; Chauvin, G.; Olofsson, J.; Juhasz, A.; Benisty, M.; Pott, J.-U.; Sicilia-Aguilar, A.; Henning, T.; Cardwell, A.; Goodsell, S.; Graham, J. R.; Hibon, P.; Ingraham, P.; Konopacky, Q.; Macintosh, B.; Oppenheimer, R.; Perrin, M.; Rantakyrö, F.; Sadakuni, N.; Thomas, S. (2016-06) - Journal article
    HD 142527A is one of the most studied Herbig Ae/Be stars with a transitional disk, as it has the largest imaged gap in any protoplanetary disk: the gas is cleared from 30 to 90 AU. The HD 142527 system is also unique in ...
  • M-dwarf stellar winds : the effects of realistic magnetic geometry on rotational evolution and planets 

    Vidotto, A.A.; Jardine, M.; Morin, J.; Donati, J.F.; Opher, M.; Gombosi, T.I. (2014-02-21) - Journal article
    We perform three-dimensional numerical simulations of stellar winds of early-M-dwarf stars. Our simulations incorporate observationally reconstructed large-scale surface magnetic maps, suggesting that the complexity of the ...
  • The M31 pixel lensing plan campaign : macho lensing and self-lensing signals 

    Calchi Novati, S.; Bozza, V.; Bruni, I.; Dall'Ora, M.; De Paolis, F.; Dominik, M.; Gualandi, R.; Ingrosso, G.; Jetzer, P.; Mancini, L.; Nucita, A.; Safonova, M.; Scarpetta, G.; Sereno, M.; Strafella, F.; Subramaniam, A.; Gould, A. (2014-03-10) - Journal article
    We present the final analysis of the observational campaign carried out by the PLAN (Pixel Lensing Andromeda) collaboration to detect a dark matter signal in form of MACHOs through the microlensing effect. The campaign ...
  • Machine checkable design patterns using dependent types and domain specific goal-oriented modelling languages 

    de Muijnck-Hughes, Jan (University of St Andrews, 2016-06-22) - Thesis
    Goal-Oriented Modelling Languages such as the Goal Requirements Language (GRL) have been used to reason about Design Patterns. However, the GRL is a general purpose modelling language that does not support concepts bespoke ...
  • Machine learning based detection of Kepler objects of interest 

    Nigri, Eduardo; Arandelovic, Ognjen (2017-07-10) - Conference paper
  • Machine learning for systems pathology 

    Verleyen, Wim (University of St Andrews, 2013) - Thesis
    Systems pathology attempts to introduce more holistic approaches towards pathology and attempts to integrate clinicopathological information with “-omics” technology. This doctorate researches two examples of a systems ...
  • Machine learning in systems biology at different scales : from molecular biology to ecology 

    Aderhold, Andrej (University of St Andrews, 2015) - Thesis
    Machine learning has been a source for continuous methodological advances in the field of computational learning from data. Systems biology has profited in various ways from machine learning techniques but in particular ...
  • Machine learning methods in chemoinformatics 

    Mitchell, J.B.O. (2014-02-24) - Journal article
    Machine learning algorithms are generally developed in computer science or adjacent disciplines and find their way into chemical modeling by a process of diffusion. Though particular machine learning methods are popular ...
  • MACiE (Mechanism, Annotation and Classification in Enzymes) : novel tools for searching catalytic mechanisms 

    Holliday, Gemma L.; Almonacid, Daniel E.; Bartlett, Gail J.; O'Boyle, Noel M.; Torrance, James W.; Murray-Rust, Peter; Mitchell, John Blayney Owen; Thornton, Janet M. (2007-01) - Journal article
    MACiE (Mechanism, Annotation and Classification in Enzymes) is a database of enzyme reaction mechanisms, and is publicly available as a web-based data resource. This paper presents the first release of a web-based search ...
  • Macro-mesoporous resorcinol-formaldehyde polymer resins as amorphous metal-free visible light photocatalysts 

    Zhang, Guan; Ni, Chengsheng; Liu, Lingjuan; Zhao, Guixia; Fina, Federica; Irvine, John Thomas Sirr (2015-08-14) - Journal article
    We have demonstrated that resorcinol–formaldehyde resin polymers are good visible light responsive photocatalysts, with band gap energies ranging from ca. 1.80 to 2.00 eV. They were found to be photoactive in terms of ...
  • Macro-optical trapping for sample confinement in light sheet microscopy 

    Yang, Zhengyi; Piksarv, Peeter; Ferrier, David Ellard Keith; Gunn-Moore, Frank J; Dholakia, Kishan (2015-08-01) - Journal article
    Light sheet microscopy is a powerful approach to construct three-dimensional images of large specimens with minimal photo-damage and photo-bleaching. To date, the specimens are usually mounted in agents such as agarose, ...
  • Macroeconomic variables and the stock market : an empirical comparison of the US and Japan 

    Humpe, Andreas (University of St Andrews, 2008-06-25) - Thesis
    In this thesis, extensive research regarding the relationship between macroeconomic variables and the stock market is carried out. For this purpose the two largest stock markets in the world, namely the US and Japan, are ...
  • Mae’r dyfodol yn lleol : erymuso cymunedau i wella eu cymdogaethau 

    Sustainable Development Commission Wales (Sustainable Development Commission, 2010-07-27) - Report
    Welsh language summary of 'The future is local : empowering communities to improve their neighbourhoods'.
  • Maggie’s Centres: a hermeneutic of spirituality 

    Williams, Jenny (St Mary's College, University of St Andrews, 2010-06-01) - Journal article
    In her paper, Jenny Williams examines the term ‘spirituality’ and looks at the way this is used in the wider context of cancer care through the support offered in Maggie’s Centres. By undertaking an examination of how the ...
  • Magma chamber dynamics in the peralkaline magmas of the Kakortokite Series, South Greenland 

    Hunt, Emma J. (University of St Andrews, 2015-03-30) - Thesis
    Understanding crystallisation in magma chambers is a key challenge for igneous petrology. It is particularly important to understand the origins of layering in peralkaline rocks, e.g. the kakortokite (nepheline syenite), ...
  • Magmatic record of India-Asia collision 

    Zhu, Di-Cheng; Wang, Qing; Zhao, Zhi-Dan; Chung, Sun-Lin; Cawood, Peter Anthony; Niu, Yaoling; Liu, Sheng-Ao; Wu, Fu-Yuan; Mo, Xuan-Xue (2015-09-23) - Journal article
    New geochronological and geochemical data on magmatic activity from the India-Asia collision zone enables recognition of a distinct magmatic flare-up event that we ascribe to slab breakoff. This tie-point in the collisional ...
  • Magna Carta 

    Holt, James (Cambridge University Press, 2015-05) - Book
    3rd edition of classic work, with new introduction and additional material
  • Magnetic activity and hot Jupiters of young Suns : the weak-line T Tauri stars V819 Tau and V830 Tau 

    Donati, J.-F.; Hébrard, E.; Hussain, Gaitee Ara Jaffer; Moutou, C.; Malo, L.; Grankin, K.; Vidotto, Aline; Alencar, S. H. P.; Gregory, Scott; Jardine, Moira Mary; Herczeg, G.; Morin, J.; Fares, Rim; Ménard, F.; Bouvier, J.; Delfosse, X.; Doyon, R.; Takami, M.; Figueira, P.; Petit, P.; Boisse, I.; MaTYSSE Collaboration (2015-11-11) - Journal article
    We report results of a spectropolarimetric and photometric monitoring of the weak-line T Tauri stars (wTTSs) V819 Tau and V830 Tau within the MaTYSSE (Magnetic Topologies of Young Stars and the Survival of close-ingiant ...
  • Magnetic activity and radial velocity filtering of young Suns : the weak-line T-Tauri stars Par 1379 and Par 2244 

    Hill, C. A.; Carmona, A.; Donati, J.-F.; Hussain, G. A. J.; Gregory, S. G.; Alencar, S. H. P.; Bouvier, J.; MaTYSSE collaboration (2017-12-01) - Journal article
    We report the results of our spectropolarimetric monitoring of the weak-line T-Tauri stars (wTTSs) Par 1379 and Par 2244, within the MaTYSSE (Magnetic Topologies of Young Stars and the Survival of close-in giant Exoplanets) ...
  • Magnetic and optical properties of NaGdF4:Nd3+, Yb3+, Tm3+ nanocrystals with upconversion/downconversion luminescence from visible to the near-infrared second window 

    Zhang, X.; Zhao, Z.; Zhang, X.; Cordes, D.B.; Weeks, B.; Qiu, B.; Madanan, K.; Sardar, D.; Chaudhuri, J. (2015-02) - Journal article
    We have designed and synthesized NaGdF4:Nd3+, Yb3+, Tm3+ magnetic nanophosphors with combined dual-mode downconversion (DC) and upconversion (UC) photoluminescence upon 800 nm excitation. Hexagonal-phase NaGdF4:Nd3+, Yb3+, ...