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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
May-2012Qatar-2 : a K dwarf orbited by a transiting hot Jupiter and a more massive companion in an outer orbitBryan, Marta L.; Alsubai, Khalid A.; Latham, David W.; Parley, Neil R.; Cameron, Andrew Collier; Quinn, Samuel N.; Carter, Joshua A.; Fulton, Benjamin J.; Berlind, Perry; Brown, Warren R.; Buchhave, Lars A.; Calkins, Michael L.; Esquerdo, Gilbert A.; Furesz, Gabor; Jorgensen, Uffe Grae; Horne, Keith D.; Stefanik, Robert P.; Street, Rachel A.; Torres, Guillermo; West, Richard G.; Dominik, Martin; Harpsoe, Kennet B. W.; Liebig, Christine; Calchi Novati, Sebastiano; Ricci, Davide; Skottfelt, Jesper F.Journal article
Mar-2013Radiation thermo-chemical models of protoplanetary discs IV. Modelling CO ro-vibrational emission from Herbig Ae discsThi, W.F.; Kamp, I.; Woitke, P.; Van Der Plas, G.; Bertelsen, R.; Wiesenfeld, L.Journal article
8-Aug-2014Real-space imaging of the atomic-scale magnetic structure of Fe1+yTeEnayat, Mostafa; Sun, Zhi-Xiang; Singh, Udai Raj; Aluru, Ramakrishna; Schmaus, Stefan; Yaresko, Alexander; Liu, Yong; Lin, Chengtian; Tsurkan, Vladimir; Loidl, Alois; Deisenhofer, Joachim; Wahl, PeterJournal article
10-May-2014Recurrent explosive eruptions and the "sigmoid-to-arcade" transformation in the Sun driven by dynamical magnetic flux emergenceArchontis, V.; Hood, A.W.; Tsinganos, K.Journal article
10-Jul-2014Redshift evolution of the dynamical properties of massive galaxies from SDSS-III/BOSSBeifiori, Alessandra; Thomas, Daniel; Maraston, Claudia; Steele, Oliver; Masters, Karen L.; Pforr, Janine; Saglia, Roberto P.; Bender, Ralf; Tojeiro, Rita; Chen, Yan-Mei; Bolton, Adam; Brownstein, Joel R.; Johansson, Jonas; Leauthaud, Alexie; Nichol, Robert C.; Schneider, Donald P.; Senger, Robert; Skibba, Ramin; Wake, David; Pan, Kaike; Snedden, Stephanie; Bizyaev, Dmitry; Brewington, Howard; Malanushenko, Viktor; Malanushenko, Elena; Oravetz, Daniel; Simmons, Audrey; Shelden, Alaina; Ebelke, GarrettJournal article
18-Mar-2014The refined physical properties of transiting exoplanetary system WASP-11/HAT-P-10Wang, Xiao-bin; Gu, Sheng-hong; Collier Cameron, Andrew; Wang, Yi-bo; Hui, Ho-Keung; Kwok, Chi-Tai; Yeung, Bill; Leung, Kam-CheungJournal article
21-Mar-2014The relation between accretion rates and the initial mass function in hydrodynamical simulations of star formationMaschberger, T.; Bonnell, I.A.; Clarke, C.J.; Moraux, E.Journal article
1-Jun-2014Resolved multifrequency radio observations of GG TauAndrews, S.M.; Chandler, C.J.; Isella, A.; Birnstiel, T.; Rosenfeld, K.A.; Wilner, D.J.; Pérez, L.M.; Ricci, L.; Carpenter, J.M.; Calvet, N.; Corder, S.A.; Deller, A.T.; Dullemond, C.P.; Greaves, J.S.; Harris, R.J.; Henning, T.; Kwon, W.; Lazio, J.; Linz, H.; Mundy, L.G.; Sargent, A.I.; Storm, S.; Testi, L.Journal article
Sep-2014Revisiting the transits of CoRoT-7b at a lower activity levelBarros, S. C. C.; Almenara, J. M.; Deleuil, M.; Diaz, R. F.; Csizmadia, Sz; Cabrera, J.; Chaintreuil, S.; Collier Cameron, A.; Hatzes, A.; Haywood, R.; Lanza, A. F.; Aigrain, S.; Alonso, R.; Borde, P.; Bouchy, F.; Deeg, H. J.; Erikson, A.; Fridiund, M.; Grziwa, S.; Gandolfi, D.; Guillot, T.; Guenther, F.; Leger, A.; Moutou, C.; Ollivier, M.; Pasternacki, T.; Patzold, M.; Rauer, H.; Rouan, D.; Santerne, A.; Schneider, J.; Wuchter, G.Journal article
Dec-2014Secular-and merger-built bulges in barred galaxiesMendez Abreu, Jairo; Debattista, V. P.; Corsini, E. M.; Aguerri, J. A. L.Journal article
Sep-2011The shocking transit of WASP-12b : modelling the observed early ingress in the near ultravioletLlama, J.; Wood, K.; Jardine, M.; A. Vidotto, A.; Helling, Ch.; Fossati, L.; A. Haswell, C.Journal article
11-Apr-2013Shocks, cooling and the origin of star formation rates in spiral galaxiesBonnell, Ian Alexander; Dobbs, Clare L.; Smith, Rowan J.Journal article
11-Nov-2014Signatures of warm carbon monoxide in protoplanetary discs observed with Herschel SPIREH. D. van der Wiel, M.; A. Naylor, D.; Kamp, I.; Ménard, F.; Thi, W.-F.; Woitke, P.; Olofsson, G.; M. Pontoppidan, K.; Di Francesco, J.; M. Glauser, A.; S. Greaves, J.; J. Ivison, R.Journal article
Aug-2014Simulating AIA observations of a flux rope ejectionPagano, Paolo; Mackay, Duncan Hendry; Poedts, StephanJournal article
20-Feb-2014Simulating the formation of a sigmoidal flux rope in AR10977 from SOHO/MDI magnetogramsGibb, Gordon Peter Samuel; Mackay, Duncan Hendry; Green, Lucie; Meyer, Karen AlisonJournal article
19-Aug-2010Simulations of winds of weak-lined T Tauri stars. II. : The effects of a tilted magnetosphere and planetary interactionsA. Vidotto, A.; Opher, M.; Jatenco-Pereira, V.; I. Gombosi, T.Journal article
Jan-2015The Sloan digital sky survey reverberation mapping project : technical overviewShen, Y.; Brandt, W.N.; Dawson, K.S.; Hall, P.B.; McGreer, I.D.; Anderson, S.F.; Chen, Y.; Denney, K.D.; Eftekharzadeh, S.; Fan, X.; Gao, Y.; Green, P.J.; Greene, J.E.; Ho, L.C.; Horne, K.; Jiang, L.; Kelly, B.C.; Kinemuchi, K.; Kochanek, C.S.; Pâris, I.; Peters, C.M.; Peterson, B.M.; Petitjean, P.; Ponder, K.; Richards, G.T.; Schneider, D.P.; Seth, A.; Smith, R.N.; Strauss, M.A.; Tao, C.; Trump, J.R.; Wood-Vasey, W.M.; Zu, Y.; Eisenstein, D.J.; Pan, K.; Bizyaev, D.; Malanushenko, V.; Malanushenko, E.; Oravetz, D.Journal article
21-Oct-2013A small survey of the magnetic fields of planet-host starsFares, R.; Moutou, C.; Donati, J.-F.; Catala, C.; Shkolnik, E. L.; Jardine, M. M.; Cameron, A. C.; Deleuil, M.Journal article
1-May-2014The solar cycle variation of topological structures in the global solar coronaPlatten, S.J.; Parnell, C.E.; Haynes, A.L.; Priest, E.R.; MacKay, D.H.Journal article
1-Apr-2014Spatially resolved imaging of the two-component η Crv debris disk with HerschelDuchêne, G.; Arriaga, P.; Wyatt, M.; Kennedy, G.; Sibthorpe, B.; Lisse, C.; Holland, W.; Wisniewski, J.; Clampin, M.; Kalas, P.; Pinte, C.; Wilner, D.; Booth, M.; Horner, J.; Matthews, B.; Greaves, J.Journal article
Showing results 220 to 239 of 292
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